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Why us

  • We can help identify the most compelling stories about your organisation – and tell them to the outside world.
  • In times of trouble or negative publicity, we can help you weather the media storm and turn the tide.
  • We can teach you to turn every potential media ordeal into an opportunity to raise your profile and boost your supporters.
  • We can give you the experience and confidence to ensure you can produce a perfect media interview in any situation.
  • We have a particular expertise in companion animals and animal welfare, and so can tailor training and coaching in these specific areas.
  • We can help train your staff to see themselves as advocates of your brand effectively promoting your organisation with every interaction.


Media Relations

In today’s fast-moving media world your message must be clear, and your messenger confident and persuasive. Coaching is key. Whether promoting your company or organisation in the local press or protecting your reputation or sector from negative media attack, effective communication skills are vital and should be a key part of your communication skills toolbox. Working with a dedicated coach, we also will compile a specialist team to include journalists, broadcasters and/or interviewers who are experts in your own very specific sector. By doing this, we can ensure you are fully prepared and have the skills to tell your story in a confident and effective way.

Presentation Training

The ability to present ideas and impart knowledge is an increasingly necessary skill. The ability to influence large groups of people, often to educate of create a momentum for action, is rewarding for both the individual and the organisation. For many the challenge is not a lack of knowledge but instead developing the confidence to fully present it to others. Our training is designed to develop such confidence by providing a structured approach combined with practice and positive feedback in a safe environment.

Communication Skills

We are committed to coaching new and experienced executives and key experts in the art of being effective and articulate communicators. In the world of heightened communications, too many organisations still get it wrong when it comes to communicating effectively to their customers, the public, and their stakeholders. Despite their knowledge, too many executives or specialists fail to write and deliver the impactful and confident speech or presentation. Drawing on years of experience, we bring an holistic approach to your training needs to create the complete executive or spokesperson, and strengthen your ‘corporate voice’.

About Us

Media Counsellors is a boutique consultancy specialising in advising executives, managers, key personnel and spokespeople at all levels in the art of being effective, articulate, and confident communicators. Founded in 1994, we have been one of the UK’s leading specialists offering a range of tailor-made coaching modules. Our focus has always been on simplicity and clarity. It is a combination of crafting the right ‘message’ and coaching the chosen ‘messenger’. We bring together a unique team of consultants with many years of experience in journalism, broadcasting, issues management and public relations, We have a particular expertise in companion animals and animal welfare, and so can uniquely tailor training and coaching in these specific areas. We can ensure your message comes across loud and clear in the way you need it to be heard by the people you need to hear it. We can ensure your message comes across loud and clear in the way you need it to be heard.

David Wheal

A highly experience communication skills coach, David trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama before a long presenting and journalistic career in both BBC Radio and Television. He has worked extensively in the broadcasting world for nearly twenty years and was head of the BBC’s team of media trainers advising senior Foreign and Commonwealth Office diplomats in interview and presentation skills. Over the last 20 years, he has coached hundreds of senior executives around the globe in stakeholder communications and presentation skills. David has also helped many major companies with the development of crisis management strategies and has advised multi-national organisations in more than 30 countries. He was a member of McDonald’s crisis management team for 15 years and conducted crisis training for Shell and several pharmaceutical companies.

Carolyn Menteith

An extremely experienced writer and broadcaster, Carolyn specialises in companion animals and animal welfare. She has a unique understanding of this sector and its specific demands, has written five books, one professional template, and over 500 published articles. She has worked as a journalist, editor, sub-editor and feature writer for national magazines, and has appeared in several TV series, as well as many one-off programmes or interviews where an expert or spokesperson was needed. She has written and presented videos and apps, is a regular on radio shows including hosting a regular live radio interview programme, plus works as a media spokesperson for several organisations and as a retained expert. In demand as a speaker, Carolyn works nationally and internationally as a trainer, hosting seminars, workshops and conferences, sharing her skills and training hundreds of professionals at all levels.



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